Efficiency and Safety Matter to Your Business

Trust our team for fleet maintenance in the Wildwood, Dunnellon or Citrus Springs, FL area

When you send out your drivers, you expect them to be safe and work efficiently as they go about their day. Florida Mobile Fleet Services makes this possible through our fleet maintenance services in the Wildwood, Dunnellon and Citrus Springs, FL areas. We'll maintain the trucks in your fleet to keep your drivers safe and help them stay on track.

Email us today if you're interested in our truck fleet maintenance services.

Can we maintain your vehicles?

You can trust our team with your entire fleet. We offer fleet maintenance services for:

  • Flatbed and tow trucks
  • Semitrucks and trailers
  • Bucket and crane trucks
  • Vacuum and pump trucks
  • Garbage and dump trucks

We also maintain heavy equipment and Class-A motor homes. When providing truck fleet maintenance, we track hours to meet maintenance needs as required. We also take care of oil changes, brake inspections and more. Reach out to us now to learn more about our maintenance services.

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